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We pride ourselves on being a friendly Nursery, providing a home like home safe and loving space.  We have a wonderful team of teachers, nurses, & therapists with 20 years of expertise in serving the early years. We apply high educational and health standards to help raising in partnership with parents a happy child.  We include all children in active learning by adapting to meet their needs, and to support each child’s individual needs and prepare them to school. Ages of enrollment 4 months up to 4 years. Classes We offer both French and English Programs.         

       Working hours Monday to Friday, 12 months per year… 7:30 am to 2:30 PM including breakfast, lunch and a snack.

Extension Program in the afternoon is available! 

Transportation Our bus has individualized seat belts & an Apple Days assistant.

Summer Camp KIDZ Co. the first character building summer camp for children age 5 to 12 years. Eight weeks where children grow their Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills. Extension available till end of September. Website


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Apple Days Nursery has been and still is a home away from home for my son! its almost been a year and I cant imagine him any happier anywhere else. Picking the perfect place was difficult and we had seen many of the “well Known” nurseries in the Beirut !
— Dina A. Saleh
I’m Mom of three kids, I had a great experience in Apple Days, I have nothing but praise for it!
— Maysaa Jaber
I have a positive experience at Apple Days, My daughter s happy she never complained, and she is verbal and speaks out loud if any of her friends do anything to her....
I choose to put her in Apple Days in the first place even though there are other nurseries with online cameras, its the trust issue that matters.
— Lana M. Youssef


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