Ages 3 to 8
6 weeks of fun
(July & Aug.)
3 outings per week
B.F. & Lunch served
Transportation Available

Mobile: 76 653 844

Charming LOOK in its 7th Birthday

First Eco - Healthy ISO9001:2008 certified Nursery in Lebanon

Meet Apple Days through this short video:

Who are we? We pride ourselves on being a friendly Nursery, providing a home from home atmosphere. We have a wonderful team of staff who provide high quality childcare whilst ensuring all areas of learning are met. We provide a secure, healthy, and friendly environment where the child is offered different learning opportunities through stimulating the child’S mind.We apply high educational and health standards to help raising in partnership with parents a happy child. We include all children in active learning by adapting to meet their needs, and to support each child’S individual needs and prepare them to school.Ages of enrollment

3 months up to 5 years.


We offer both French and English Programs.We have 4 levels  for:   BABIES' ROOM: 3 months to 1+ year   GREEN APPLES: 1+ year  to 2 years 6 months   YELLOW APPLES& POMMES JAUNES: 2+ year to 3 years 6 months   NURSERY CLASS & PETITE SECTION: 3+ years to 4 years.                  

Working hours

5 days per week, Monday to Friday, 12 months per year…7:30 am to 2:30 PM including breakfast, lunch and a snack.
Extension Program in the afternoon is available!

Other services :

Our bus has individualized seat belts & an Apple Days assistant.
For transportation please contact the administration. 

Birthday Party:
We organize exceptional -days. They range from having a simple birthday cake shared with a few friends to unforgettable Birthday Extravaganza.

Summer Camp:
Every July & August Apple Days organizes a theme based Summer Camp, with entertaining outings!
Extension available till end of September.