Since our job is to take care of children, parents need to know who we are: Our nursery is run by a team of educational experts. 
All our teachers are education majors and some are special education experts. 

General Manager
Nader Osseiran
MS Engineering Management - American University of Beirut
BA. Architecture - American University of Beirut

Director & Program Coordinator
Eva Mourtada Osseiran
BA Education - Maths & Science - American University of Beirut
MA Education - Administration & Policy Study- American University of Beirut

Sandy Markiz

Health Monitoring
Dr. Rola Zaraket
Pediatric MD

Dr. Saada Alami
Neuro-Pediatic MD

Lina Khecheich
Licensed BS Nursing

Nada Mourtada
Licensed R.N. Nurse

Wana join us?
Education major
  Fluent accent is a must. 
Your smile is a must too! 
Committed, happy, dynamic, and of course non smoker... 
Looking for a special experience with educational experts please apply to:
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Our Family: Academic Staff & Support System

Our staff undergoes  workshops and Professional Development Programs in order to enrich their creativity and make the classes more entertaining while keeping in mind our goals and objectives.

First Eco Healthy Nursery in Lebanon