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First Eco Healthy Nursery in Lebanon
Spectacular Birthdays... you name it, we have it!
Dear Mum and Dad, 
Just wanted to tell you that I found a dream place to celebrate my b-day party. Just what I've always wished for. 
Apple Days Nursery hold the most memorable birthdays in town and the good news is they cater for simple and sweet birthdays to extranvaganza talk-of-the-town style birthdays. 
You ask for it, they have it.
From the famous Barney theme to Disney Princesses theme and wait until you hear this......
....under the water theme with guess who???? Yes, NEMO. 
Lovely food, with great music and spectacular entertainment. 
You will have to pass by Apple Days to take a look at their video demonstartion to believe this. 
I'm free today mummy,,,can you take me????
Your sweet child