Apple Days is 850 sq. meter, one floor nursery with open spaces, 7 large center rooms, a gym room, an auditorium and a learning garden which allows an easy flow of children among the different centers discovering, inquiring, playing and learning.

Activity based program
Young children learn best through activities that are relevant to their lives and varied enough to be challenging and engaging. Children develop their knowledge by building on their past experiences and the learning they have already acquired. Since most children believe that learning is a pleasurable experience, they are naturally inclined and even eager to learn when they first come to the nursery.​ Each child grows and develops in various interrelated areas – physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and linguistic. In order to address the full range of each child’s developmental needs, the nursery program provides opportunities for learning, self-expression, and self-discovery in a variety of areas – for example, in music, drama, games, language activities, and cooperative activities with peers.

Learning in real-life context
Using real-life contexts in which to develop activities for the nursery program is a highly effective way of motivating young learners. Children grasp ideas more easily and more effectively and maintain their interest in learning when they have an educational program that enables them to connect their learning to their own lives and the world around them. Our program emphasizes the interconnected learning that occurs when children are exposed to real-life situations and activities in the classroom, home, and neighborhood.

Child-Centered Montessori inspired Program  
Our multi-disciplinary themes provide a rich and effective integration of learning throughout the three years nursery program. Integration can provide opportunities for children to explore concepts and to develop and apply skills. There are many models for integration. One model for integrated teaching involves the presentation of concepts to children in a variety of contexts. Our Multi-Disciplinary themes deepens children’s understanding of the skills and concepts in each of the subjects that are involved; children can be encouraged to generate new connections and to expand their existing understanding.

Our Program Coordinator has a MA in Education and more than 20 years of experience at teaching, and training teachers. Give a phone call to meet with her :)

​​Multidisciplinary team of therapists
A close follow-up on the children is done all year long. Children who need assistance in reaching certain milestones are well assisted by our therapists.
We offer in-house speech therapy, psycho-motor therapy, ABA therapy.
Furthermore, our Special Needs coordinator implements tailor made IEPs for children in need based on a certified Curriculum.
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