BABIES' ROOM - La PoupponiereSupervised by a BS Nurse and a teacher the Babies' Class (3 months to 12 months) provides a secure environement that introduces solid food along with Large motor skills activities and an exposure to Language and Math Concepts from real life! A small home away from home...

Green Apples (children 1 year – 2 years (approx))
In this class your child can develop his/her senses in the unique and wonderful environment of our self-contained new-walkers unit. Importantly, all children are cared for by staff who have a wealth of experience and have had additional training in caring for the younger child. The Green Apples Group allows the younger child freedom to explore, to be creative with messy activities and play in sand/water whilst feeling contented, safe and secure.We like to establish a partnership with parents. We ask that you meet with staff and provide us with a written copy of your baby’s routine, likes and dislikes so that we can incorporate the home routine into your child’s day at Nursery.Each child is designated a Key Worker who is responsible for observing him/her. We hold parents evenings twice a year and have Open Days, but an appointment can be made at any time to discuss your child's development. Staff are available on a daily basis to talk with you mainly at pick-up time. Before you know it your child will be ready for the demands and challenges of the next group. 

Yellow Apples - Pommes Jaunes (2 years - 3 years (approx))
As your child toddles confidently, this age group provides an ideal opportunity for him/her to explore the world around them.Our team of qualified staff provide high quality childcare in an environment that is geared towards free flow exploration and learning whilst nurturing the early foundations of learning and social interaction.Within Apple Days Nursery we are committed to expose children to different activities in order for them to explore all their intelligences. All staff actively participate in training on the framework which provides support, guidance, information and challenges for the care and education of babies aged birth to three.

Nursery Class - Petite Section (2 years 6 moths – 4 years (approx))
Children within the Red Apples Group are guided by our dedicated team to begin to use their own initiative and imagination, to explore and expand their ever increasing skills and the world in which they live. The room layout provides each child with endless opportunities and stimuli to fulfill their maximum potential, at their own pace, in an enjoyable and happy atmosphere. Your child will gain confidence and make new friends. A profile is recorded on each child whilst in the Nursery. The profile is a method of recording your child’s overall development and chosen activities and is accessible to you at all times. The profile is yours to keep when your child leaves Apple Days Nursery.

Activity based program
Young children learn best through activities that are relevant to their lives and varied enough to be challenging and engaging. Children develop their knowledge by building on their past experiences and the learning they have already acquired. Since most children believe that learning is a pleasurable experience, they are naturally inclined and even eager to learn when they first come to the nursery.​ Each child grows and develops in various interrelated areas – physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and linguistic. In order to address the full range of each child’s developmental needs, the nursery program provides opportunities for learning, self-expression, and self-discovery in a variety of areas – for example, in music, drama, games, language activities, and cooperative activities with peers.

Learning in real-life context
Using real-life contexts in which to develop activities for the nursery program is a highly effective way of motivating young learners. Children grasp ideas more easily and more effectively and maintain their interest in learning when they have an educational program that enables them to connect their learning to their own lives and the world around them. Our program emphasizes the interconnected learning that occurs when children are exposed to real-life situations and activities in the classroom, home, and neighborhood. For example, a trip to the grocery store can expose children to literacy (e.g., signs and labels), numeracy (e.g., different ways numbers are used, looking for shapes), and social skills (e.g., listening to other people’s ideas, taking turns), and can provide an opportunity to acquire nutritional information. 

Integrated Learning
Using real-life contexts can lead to more effective integration of learning throughout the three years nursery program. Integration can provide opportunities for children to explore concepts and to develop and apply skills. There are many models for integration. One model for integrated teaching involves the presentation of concepts to children in a variety of contexts. For example, the mathematical concept of pattern may be presented and developed in activities related to music, stories, fabrics, and natural objects. Meaningful integration deepens children’s understanding of the skills and concepts in each of the subjects that are involved. Through meaningful integration, children can be encouraged to generate new connections and to expand their existing understanding. Integration also helps children see how the knowledge and skills developed in one area can be relevant to other areas.


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