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First Eco Healthy Nursery in Lebanon
                 PLAYING, EXPLORING, and LEARNING! 

We work towards…• providing first class physical care, security and intellectual stimulation for the child• working in partnership with parents ensuring your child’s happiness and wellbeing• maintaining strict ethical standards• encouraging children to be kind and considerate and to respect one another• promoting equal opportunities, encouraging children to consider diversity including all children fully by adapting to meet their needs• supporting each child’s individual needs and easing the transition to school

We raise children in a healthy environment, making use of our motto “The healthy mind is in the healthy body”. We not only educate the mind but also the body and soul. We believe that children like adults pass through times of stress and insecurity. Therefore, when they learn how to manage their stress, through calming and soothing strategies, this will help them better solve their problems and better learn, whether in the nursery or later on in school. Think it’s too early to teach children such strategies? 

We believe that when the body is calm, relaxed, and clean the mind experiences less of an aggressive motive. Thus we teach our children a holistic healthy lifestyle; eat healthy and feel healthy too. Children have a lot to experience and learn. They do so mainly through play! This is why Apple Days Nursery team provides a fun yet educational program rich in activities, centers, and hands-on experience, including but not exclusive to, circle time, group discussion, show and tell, sand and water, arts and crafts, story time, healthy cooking and much more.