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First Eco Healthy Nursery in Lebanon
You want to open your own nursery?
You want to set your Nursery Program?
You have any questions about raising your child?

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Apple Days Consultants
Are you willing to open a NEW Nursery / Daycare or child related activity in Lebanon or abroad. Apple Days Consultants will have the pleasure to guide you through professional consultancy services during the whole project life cycle including construction and furnishing

Scope of Work 

Pre Opening:

A)Nursery Concept and Philosophy 
B)Creative Package ( Logo – Brochure – Flier etc…)
C)Preparation of custom made forms
D)Preparation of Internal Bylaws ( staff & parents ) 
E)Business Model ( feasibility study )
F)Market + SWAT analysis
G)Recruitment of Staff
H)Training of Key Staff
I)  Distribution of Roles and Responsibilities
J) Preparation of a safety and security plan
K)Assistance in preparation of permit file
L)Preparation of a nutritional based menu
M)Assistance in preparation of first year curriculum
N)Advisory role in the choice of educational toys and materials. 

Post Opening

A)   Evaluation of staff & management
B)   Preparation of a filing system
C)   Follow up and advise on the status of the financial model
D)   Follow up and assessment of the educational standards
E)   Follow up and assessment of the quality standards
F)   Follow up and assessment on the hygiene standards
G)   Follow up and assessment on the security and safety standards
H)   Evaluation and feedback about the overall atmosphere and spirit.

Partnership & Franchise:

Due to Apple Days' philosophy of continuous development. We are always looking for partnership opportunities in Lebanon and abroad.
If you have interest please contact us through the following email:

Why we are special?

-We have previous experience in the establishment of a nurseries.
-The team involved in the project is multidisciplinary ( Education – Project          Management – Business – Emergency Management )
-We have a long experience in the fields of education and management.
-We are experts in pre-project planning 

Many professionals in the field consider the success of projects directly related to luck and chance. However in our philosophy of project management we see it as an art which tries hard to minimize the effect of luck through the development of serious and accurate risk management plans in addition to control criteria such as:

   - quality control
   - cost control
   - time control 
   - safety control 
   - value management
   - others

which all work interdependently not only to minimize any threats arising from risks, but trying to transform these risks into opportunities. 

We also try to understand the success of projects not only from a mere project management eye but also make effort to visualize success from the perspectives of various stakeholders; the client, the user, the neighbor, the operator, the society and others.